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Metty Meta Tag Maker

Metty Meta Tag Maker

Metty Meta Tag Maker allows easy generation of over 30 different HTML meta tags that can help your web pages to be properly indexed by search engines. Metty can insert tags into an HTML file that has been imported locally or directly from a web ...

Freeware  2,486k 1494 Clickfire com
A WebShare Meta Finder

A WebShare Meta Finder

WebShare Meta Finder is free powerful search-software which will connect you to the most Popular search engines,downloads-sites Kazaa, eMule, eDonkey and Bit Torrent files. WebShare Meta Finder submits searches to most popular search and downloads site directly from your desktop. From now you don’t have ...

Freeware  428k 1501 Naor Ben Meir
Foboz - Meta Search Engine

Foboz - Meta Search Engine

The Foboz Meta Search engine allows you to search many different web search engines at once and will remember your results. You can search the whole web or for specialist items such as books, computer games or health information, using Fobozs' extensive and growing database ...

Shareware  1,651k 1420 MarsJupiter Ltd
Meta Tags Retriever

Meta Tags Retriever

Meta Tags Retriever is a simple tool for webmasters to use to find other optimized meta tags generated from the top 20 websites ranked in Google. Simply enter your keywords or keyword phrases, and Meta Tags Retriever will list the top 20 websites found in ...

Freeware  728k 1297 EasySubmitWebsite com
Meta Tag Promoter

Meta Tag Promoter

Meta Tag Promoter is a professional and handy tool for building and editing Meta tags. META tags play an important part in determining your Web site ranking. The program provides you with simple forms that allow you to input the information you want, and then ...

Shareware  1,916k 1237 NetPromoter
HTML Meta-data Editor

HTML Meta-data Editor

NB Software HTML Meta-Data Editor is an easy to use, professional quality meta-data editor with powerful features including templates that can be applied to multiple pages and user defined meta-data tags. A file browse window allows rapid navigation therough the local copies of your web ...

Shareware  522k 930 NB Software
Keywords Meta Tag Generator

Keywords Meta Tag Generator

In contrast to freeware keywords meta tag generators, which require *you* to select keywords, this program scans an HTML file, counting the number of occurrences of words and how they are used, and produces an appropriate keywords meta tag for the document. This can be ...

Shareware  1,731k 1206 Hermetic Systems

AffiliateHQ Meta Tag Wizard

Meta Tags are special HTML Tags that describe the contents of a web page. Search engines use Meta Tags to catalog and categorize the contents of a web page. If your website does not contain Meta Tags then it may not be indexed by search ...

Freeware  2,125k 739 Affiliate HeadQuarters
Meta Tag SEO

Meta Tag SEO

Meta Tag SEO is a shareware seo software product that makes sure web page meta tags and content conform to white hat seo tactics. It does this by first matching keyword data to web page title, description, and content, and second, by warning you when ...

Shareware  460k 909 DocuMaker Communication Solutions

HTML Meta Tags Creator

HTML Meta Tags Creator is a free web design software to help creating meta tags for web pages. This free meta tags generator will create meta tags for HTML and XHTML document type, a complete tool to generate Meta Tags easily and correctly for all ...

Freeware  740k 1114 Wenovo com

Meta Image Search

Meta Image Search is a software for searching images in search engines by search phrases.Program shows shortcuts of images and it's details like format, resolution, size etc.For each query Meta Image Search gives a total number of images for each search engine and how much ...

Shareware  456k 1286 Tweak Marketing Inc
Meta Commander Pro file manager

Meta Commander Pro file manager

Wonder why Explorer, Total Commander or "Open" and "Save" dialogs always start from a wrong folder? Do you hate navigating through all those folders again and again? Then you are ready for a brilliant solution from DesktopBoosters called Meta Commander. Unlike simple "Favorite folders" applications, ...

Shareware  860k 1299 Desktop Boosters Software

Oven Fresh Meta Tag Maker

Filll in a simple form and the meta tag code is generated for you. Just copy and paste the code in your web page and upload the files. Features nclude the Title, Description, Keywords, Robots, Abstract, Author, Comments, Reply To, Copyright, Charset, Classification, Language, Distribution, ...

Shareware  1,833k 945 Oven Fresh Web Design
FLF Services Meta Tag Generator

FLF Services Meta Tag Generator

Diese freeware Software generiert Ihnen auf einfache Art und Weise Meta Tags, die Ihnen Helfen das Ranking ihrer Webseite in Suchmaschinen zu verbessern. Die fertig generierten Meta Tags können im .txt (Text Datei), .html (Html Dokument) und im .rtf (Rich Text File) Format abgespeichert werden. ...

Freeware  1,068k 1042 Fabian Karg


Mit dem Meta-Manager ist das Erstellen von Meta-Tags ganz einfach, da Sie nur in die Eingabemasken etwas einzugeben brauchen bzw. aus vorgefertigten Listen etwas auswählen müssen. Der Code dazu wird automatisch generiert. Sie können dann daraus eine html-Datei erstellen, um diese Datei gleich als Grundlage ...

Shareware  845k 860 Thomas Rudolph
Meta Helper

Meta Helper

Meta Helper v1.0 Meta Helper v1.0 is a tool to help design valid and effective meta tags for your web pages and tempaltes. There is no install required. Just download the zip file, extract it, and enjoy. It eliminates all the typing and just requires ...

Freeware  48k 1038 nerdlib com

Meta Keyword Master

Meta Keyword Master does not only create the standard html meta tags but has the ability to create keywords from content. Just copy and paste the content of your website in Meta Keyword Master and it generates the complete meta keyword tag. It also generates ...

Shareware  34k 598 burggraaf com


Meta-Morpher is a morphing program which transforms one picture step wise into another. For example one face into another face. The possiblities are various. You can convert animals in humans and converse. You can render as much steps between this two pictures as you want. ...

Demo  644k 998 CAD KAS GbR

Meta Launcher

Organize your stuff any way you want! Instant access to all your programs and documents by typing few letters (see screenshot). Place your most used information in the handy toolbar. Just click once to open any file. Full drag and drop adding and editing buttons. ...

Shareware  799k 471 Code Sector Inc.

Meta SearchMax

We know that information is crucial to our marketing efficiency; we got to be aware of the trends, in order to imagine new concepts, to register domains, to create products, to promote and sell them... This unique Internet marketing software allows you to query 46 ...

Freeware  5,110k 642 Internet marketing software

Foboz Meta Search Engine

The Foboz Meta Search engine allows you to search many different web search engines at once and will remember your results. You can search the whole web or for specialist items such as books, computer games or health information, using Fobozs' extensive and growing database ...

Shareware    701 MarsJupiter Ltd

Meta Trader Account Copier

The purpose of this software is to help traders, who use Meta Trader 4 trading terminal, in their routine work with trading signals. Some traders, who can not trade successfully by themselves, prefer to copy trades of professional traders. Some successful traders would like to ...

Freeware  788k 1259 Forex Tester Software


MAS-meta is a metabolic network simulator. It is based on a reactive Multi-Agent system, in wich the agents are the enzymes and the metabolites are spread on the environnement. MAS-meta is using GPU computing with OpenCL to speed up the simulations.

Freeware  50k 716

Meta Matrix Library

The Meta Matrix Library is a modular designed collection of C libraries. It was developed to provide easy and consistent access to numerical linear algebra software for sparse and dense matrices.

Freeware  666k 255

Meta Tramper

Meta Tramper a cyber guid to safer hitchhiking. This tool walks through different portals that offer possibilities to hitchhike. Dieses Programmm durchsucht verschiedene Mitfahrbrsen. Foren sind geplant.

Freeware  10k 241

Meta-Data Data Base (MDDB)

An indispensable, efficient, highly portable, easy-to-learn container class, designed for storing and retrieving items which can be "tagged" with meta-data tags and values.

Freeware  2k 664


A Java-based MetaClass/MetaObject meta-programming layer providing generic access to model implementations, decoupling application logic from underlying implementation details and allowing UIs (Swing, HTML, etc.) to be dynamically generated at runtime.

Freeware  14k 523

Meta-Package-Cre ator

Meta Package Creator is a simple Python/GTK GUI application that can create meta-packages that include your favorite applications for one-click installations. It can be used on all systems that use dpkg.

Freeware  14k 315

Meta-Policy Information Base

The Meta Policy Information Base is a project that implements the ideas of adding meta-policies to a policy-based network environment. Added functionality to the traditional approach is modeled with new classes that improve the performance of the former

Freeware  597k 381

Open Meta Archive

The Open Meta Archive, OMA, is a multi medial content management system on the basis of specific detailed information to different media like video, audio, image and text within the database system. OMA is combining these medial modules on a meta level.

Freeware  572k 804
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